Skilled Worker program as it is likely your only option. It should be mentioned that although the FSW program is accepting nurses, you will be required to obtain higher IELTS test results than you would for the QSW program and, more importantly, you must provide an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).
The ECA, which is only for the FSW program, is done by a private company and it determines how your education matches up to Canadian standards. This evaluation will determine the amount of points you will receive for your education. In Nepal, India and the Philippines it has been my experience that it takes 14 years of education to graduate with a typical Bachelor’s degree. This is several years lower than in Canada where the typical years of education to obtain a Bachelor’s degree are 16 or 17 years. Because of this, your education, for Canadian Immigration purposes only, will most likely not grant the needed points under the education factor for the FSW program and that could mean you will not make the 67 point pass mark.

The Good News

Under the QSW program you will receive full points for your Bachelor’s degree and you will also receive the maximum amount of points for your nursing diploma, regardless of the years of education and where it was obtained. It is clearly the best option for nurses, from around the world but this opportunity will not be around forever. There is a global gap for the QSW program and it will fill quickly so you have approximately until the end of the year to get started but the sooner you start, the better your chances are. So don’t delay your application any longer or you might miss your chance. Want to see for yourself what you could be missing out on? Most of them are nurses just like you that have trusted us with their QSW applications.

As you can see, being proactive about your Canadian Immigration plans is critical to the success of your application. With assistance from my firm and my staff we can help give you a new life in Canada with all the benefits and freedoms that come with it.

How we can help

Working with Blue Ocean Immigration ha many advantages like our amazing success rate our industry leading service standard. You will receive unlimited access to my firm and my staff and we can help get your application submitted faster so that you can secure your spot in the quota.  We can submit without IELTS results at first and forward them up to 4 months after your application was submitted. So you do not have to wait for your IELTS results to begin your application and you do not require a French test.

Take advantage of this opportunity generously given to you by Immigration Quebec and start making your Canadian Immigration dreams a reality!


Jeffrey James Waine, CEO

                   IMMIGRATING TO CANADA

Immigrating to Canada permanently is an exciting opportunity yet the experience can be daunting as the application process is complex. Permit Blue Ocean to belay your concerns. With over fifty years of combined experience in Canadian Immigration we are able to provide a First Class Service to our clients. There are a few different ways to apply; decide which immigration program will work best for you and your family. Get your now!

                                     WHICH ONE ARE YOU?

Do you know the difference between the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program and the Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW) program? What you don’t know could really hurt your chances of becoming an official Canadian so in this article I will outline the pros and cons of both categories to help you make the best choice for your Canadian Immigration goals.

***Not a nurse or not sure which program is best for you? Take our Free on Line Assessment and we will let you know how you are qualified and which program is best for your qualifications***

The Details

If you are a Nurse trained in Nepal, India, or the Philippines, you should only consider the Quebec  

Federal Immigration vs. Quebec Immigration: For Nurses